Pentaho Data Optimizer

Optimize Data Storage: Cost, Access, and Efficiency

Not all content stored in an organization is business-critical, yet most are paying to store 100% in high-cost environments. Pentaho Data Optimizer allows organizations to intelligently manage, maintain and tier data based on its business value, the cost of managing it, and any regulatory requirements.

  • Automatically reduce data-related expenses
  • Meet performance and compliance demands
  • Support your sustainability initiatives
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Pentaho+ Platform Performance


saved in data operations costs


hours saved with auto-discovery


less storage used with optimized data

Intelligent Data Tiering
and Cost Control

Pentaho Data Optimizer is an intelligent data storage tiering solution that reduces operating costs and gives you seamless access to data. Gain more cost control of IT charge backs, performance, and risk of your data across all work processes.

Easily identify duplicate data and archive infrequently accessed data

Adapt data management for cost and access

Balance the need for fast data access with cost management in an evolving data landscape

Intelligent data discovery and tiering

Utilize Pentaho Data Optimizer for cost-effective, compliance-oriented data management and tiering

Automate data lifecycle management

Streamline data's value decline and storage challenges through automated lifecycle management

Optimize Your Data Cost

Meet performance and compliance demands

Tier data to less costly storage without disruption for databases, applications, or analysis.

Keep data you need for regulatory/compliance purposes close to hand at the lowest cost.

Free up quick-access storage for new or mission critical data, improving time to insight/value

Automatically reduce data-related expenses

Evaluate data value/use and map to the most appropriate storage.

Define rules to orchestrate retention, tiering, migrating, archiving, and purging.

Identify and eliminate obsolescent, stale, or trivial data.

Mitigate Data Risk

Define data asset risk profiles (e.g., sensitivity)

Apply policies to mitigate risks (e.g., access control)

Understand risk using a visual dashboard.

Support your sustainability initiatives

Define ESG reporting glossary and master records.

Control the environmental footprint of data.

Reduce data-related carbon emissions and water use.

Customer Stories

When we looked at other data management solutions, we found complex pricing models and monthly fees. With Pentaho, we get the ideal combination of great functionality and cost-efficiency

Ricardo Domingo

Chief Information Officer, Grupo Eulen

Pentaho has changed the way we handle data. Its ease of use and the responsive support team have made it possible for us to improve our data management processes in ways we didn't think were possible. We've unlocked new use cases, like vendor management and metadata management, and we're constantly finding more.

Jesse Canada

Enterprise Data Governance & Management Lightbox

By exposing and centralizing our metadata, our water resource managers and hydrologist spend less time looking for data. This means they have more time to manage water and analyze groundwater conditions, which is really what they are hired for.

Lisa William

Manager, Office of Enterprise Data Management at the State of Arizona’s Department of Water Resources

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