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Get Data Fit and Perform at the Speed of AI

Without a library catalog, people can’t discover the book they need. Without a data catalog, people can’t discover the data they need. With Pentaho Data Catalog, you can see all the data you have, whatever form it takes, wherever it sits, check it, classify it and make it available to users.

  • More trust in data
  • A single source of truth for analytic maturity
  • Foundational data-fitness
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Pentaho+ Platform Performance


hours saved with auto-discovery


days saved with AI-driven data identification


savings of data scientists' time finding and evaluating data

Achieve Greater Agility and Trust All Your Data with Less Effort, Less Risk, and in Less Time

The Pentaho+ Platform changes how your business discovers and manages data, ensuring seamless scalability across all data types, and volumes. Simplify data observability with a unified business glossary & advanced metadata management and enhance trust and quality. Embrace a smarter way to handle your data, making it easier to search, validate, and derive insights, all tailored to your unique business needs.

Enhance data accessibility and compliance through automated discovery, classification, and optimization

Get faster and more meaningful data to users

Automatically discover, classify and contextualize data.

Activate metadata

Monitor data and as it changes over time route event information.

Achieve compliance targets

Measure data utilization, value, aging, classification, and characterization.

AI-Powered Data Management: Discover, Classify, and Govern

AI-Driven Discovery and Automated Classification

Automatically discover dark data, shadow data, unknown data, and sensitive data in a unified platform. Get customizable NLP classification that gives you accurate results for all data, everywhere.

Powerful Business Glossary Using Machine Learning

Contextualize data with the language of the business documented in business vocabulary based on governance policies and business rules to activate metadata.

Observe and Monitor Data Quality

A powerful observability stack captures popular assets, popular searches and trends, helping stewardship organizations focus their energy on the right data.

Trace, Track, and Trust Data

Data lineage support with Open Lineage provides ability to track data as it flows through your organization, building trust and enabling left shift of data quality and remediation activities.

Integrate and Scale at Your Own Pace

API-powered integrations with NetApp, SAP Hana, S3 and SQL views for interoperability, and many more. And a modern architecture design to scale at petabyte scale, without affecting business or systems.

Enterprise Security

RBAC, Password Vault Support, Minimum privileges, Multifactor Authentication, Secure cloud deployments, and no data deduplication.

Customer Stories

By exposing and centralizing our metadata, our water resource managers and hydrologist spend less time looking for data. This means they have more time to manage water and analyze groundwater conditions, which is really what they are hired for

Lisa Williams

Manager, Office of Enterprise Data Management at State of Arizona’s Department of Water Resources

With Pentaho Data Catalog, we were able to fully automate and accelerate the cataloging and searchability of data to deliver game changing value to the business

Prakash Jagannathan

Ex Data Management Leader, Fannie Mae

Pentaho has changed the way we handle data. Its ease of use and the responsive support team have made it possible for us to improve our data management processes in ways we didn't think were possible. We've unlocked new use cases, like vendor management and metadata management, and we're constantly finding more.

Jesse Canada

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