Unlock Dynamic Data Migration for Fast, Flexible Hybrid Cloud Management

Optimize your hybrid cloud management with dynamic migration for the sustainable data experience.

Pentaho+ accelerates data movement while providing flexibility and choice of cloud environments.

Discover all your data to fully understand the critical data to dynamically migrate while reducing and cutting through data silo complexity.

Pentaho Data Catalog intelligently automates profiling of all your legacy source systems – data lakes, ERP, DB2, DB files and applications. Eliminate inefficient manual operating costs by applying our proven AI-driven business rules to assess quality, privacy conditions and utility. Harness the power of our automated profiling while discovery engine removes duplication and manual validation steps streamlining migrations while providing flexibility to leverage the storage technologies and cloud environments of your choice.

More than just ETL (Extract, Transform, Load), Pentaho Data Integration is a codeless data orchestration tool that blends diverse data sets into a single source of truth as a basis for analysis and reporting. Effortlessly managed in a drag-and-drop graphical interface, so you can easily track where it’s coming from, where it’s going, and how it’s transforming. Pentaho Business Analytics provides a no-code data visualization tool allowing users to explore data, create reports, and design dashboards – without IT or developer dependency. A foundation for trust in data that can be quickly and easily shared across your organization. Confidently accelerate your migration with flexible tools providing choice.

Our end-to-end data intelligence platform gives you the strength, speed, and agility to step up to the moment.

With data-fitness from Pentaho, you’ll be the most prepared person in the game.

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