Survival of the Data-Fittest E-Guide

A guide for developing data strategy with muscle.

If you find yourself trying to move increasingly massive amounts of data around your business in increasingly miniscule amounts of time, this guide is your sign to take a breath.

If you’re finding quick-fix point solutions aren’t delivering data-fitness – and are, in fact, slowing you down – you’re in the right place. Data Fitness is the measure of an organization’s foundational capabilities to effectively manage, utilize, and derive value from its data.

At Pentaho we measure data-fitness through five key pillars: strength to handle data volumes and varieties, precision in data quality and governance, agility to adapt to change, efficiency in optimizing data investments, and speed in unlocking performance. Companies that are “data-fit” can make faster, better-informed decisions, innovate rapidly, and drive superior business outcomes.

How you perform tomorrow, is how you prepare today.
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