To Accelerate DataOps, Manufacturing Firms Have High Hopes for Data Fabric

“The manufacturing industry has unique considerations when it comes to data management and the subsequent generation of business insight. With numerous physical machines and systems generating large outputs of data, some of this data has historically gone underutilized. Yet, based on a 451 Research survey, 83% of manufacturing and construction industry respondents report that they are familiar with – and even use – the term “DataOps,” which is the highest rate of any industry polled in the survey. However, challenges and opportunities remain.
When it comes to more agile and automated approaches to data management, manufacturing firms are much more likely to report that they are prioritizing the improvement of analytics/artificial intelligence (AI) delivery and operationalization. While 43% of total respondents cite this as a priority, 55% of manufacturing and construction respondents do. It’s clear that data management automation is both a driver, and an enabler, for DataOps in the manufacturing sector.
In terms of DataOps improvement, manufacturing industry respondents disproportionately desire to enable real-time collaboration between data consumers (business analysts and decision-makers) and data suppliers (data management and IT staff). Looking toward data fabric architecture as an option to support DataOps, manufacturing respondents particularly expect to gain a more unified view of data resources, which can help accelerate business decision-making by helping data consumers stitch together the data context of highly diversified IT architecture.”