IDC Analyst: How DataOps Helps Organizations Unlock Data Value

In a comprehensive discussion with Hitachi Vantara, experts Stewart Bond and Chandana Gopal from IDC tackle the multifaceted challenges and opportunities within modern data operations. They highlight the complexity of today’s data environments, characterized by diverse data types scattered across hybrid and multicloud systems, creating significant challenges in data integration, quality, and governance. The conversation underscores the essential role of intelligent data operations platforms in overcoming these obstacles by enhancing efficiency through automation and enabling data governance with policy- and metadata-driven processes.

Furthermore, they explore the untapped potential of unstructured data, which constitutes a significant portion of new data generated annually. By applying advanced technologies like natural language processing, machine learning, and AI, organizations can structure this “dark data,” unlocking valuable insights and integrating them into business operations for informed decision-making.

The discussion also delves into the evolution of data lakes, emphasizing the need for flexibility, openness, and automation to manage and extract value from diverse data repositories efficiently. Lastly, Bond and Gopal address the imperative for enterprises to unlock the hidden potential in their vast, complicated data landscapes. They advocate for strategic investment in data projects and a collaborative approach to identifying use cases that deliver tangible business value, highlighting the critical role of data and analytics in driving effective decision-making and innovation in the digital age.