AssetWorks gains competitive advantage with embedded business intelligence from Pentaho


  • AssetWorks’ original proprietary Business Intelligence solution was not only slow, but also labor-intensive.


  • Pentaho Business Analytics and Pentaho Data Integration provide predictive analytics and data visualization capabilities.


  • Ease of use and minimal training needed for end users.
  • Product intuitiveness provides “intelligence for everyone.”
  • Flexible architecture supports both SaaS and on-premises deployments.
  • An enterprise solution for the cost of a limited-license analytics platform.

The Problem:

AssetWorks gains competitive advantage with embedded business intelligence from Pentaho

The Challenge: Provide Data Accessibility to a Wide Range of Users

The vendor needed to replace existing Actuate BIRT Studio, an embeddable data reporting software application, from their flagship solution AiM. BIRT Studio was difficult to use because it performed slowly and required knowledge of SQL. AssetWorks needed flexible deployment options for customers, including on-premises and SaaS deployments.

AssetWorks wanted to give users better access to enterprise data, with abilities to manipulate and share data, and create ad hoc dashboards. The system needed to be intuitive and valuable for all user types, from executives to technicians.

The Solution: Pentaho Data Integration, Pentaho Business Analytics

Pentaho’s Business Analytics is embedded in the AssetWorks solution to allow customers to proactively manage capital planning, workplace management, and regulatory and fiscal compliance. Customers can monitor the financials of a construction project to measure cycle time for projects, compare results against an organization’s service-level goals, and benchmark performance against peers, among other uses.

This OEM partnership with Pentaho is facilitating the desired replacement of BIRT Studio with Pentaho’s superior product and service. AssetWorks also uses Pentaho’s Business Analytics platform with its embedded deployment, data integration, analytics, reporting and dashboard capabilities.

AssetWorks selected Pentaho’s data integration and analytics tool for several reasons. They found that Pentaho’s interface was far more intuitive than that of other solutions. Additionally, the SaaS infrastructure met their customers’ demands. Finally, they were pleased to discover that minimal training was required for end users.

The Outcome: Increased Customer Retention Due to Improved Data Visualization

Pentaho has enabled faster sales cycles because of improved data visualizations for AssetWorks’ sales staff. The solution delivers a significantly enhanced experience to AssetWorks customers with better peer-to-peer analysis, easier identification and measurement of key performance indicators (KPIs), and greater access to analytical capability for nontechnical users. Since existing customers can now get more from existing IT investments, there is greater customer retention. By simply loading data from other tools – such as Excel and Access – into AiM IQ and instantly analyzing, the customer can optimize IT resources and the user experience is improved.