Modernizing Applications and Data for Hybrid Clouds

Learn how to optimize hybrid cloud with dynamic data migration.

Here’s how dynamic data migration gets to the heart of three key issues: data governance, cloud cost control and analytics performance. Read this white paper to discover how Pentaho+ can optimize your hybrid cloud, including the 7-step cycle to always-on, high-performance data migration.

This research report will examine the following:

  • The Challenges and Opportunities of Hybrid Cloud Modernization: Dive into the complexities of modernizing IT workloads and discover how to manage and protect increasing volumes of data effectively. Learn how to balance on-premises and cloud-based environments using automation and self-service tools to streamline your modernization journey and gain visibility into your most opaque workloads.
  • The Primary Drivers for Application Modernization: Uncover the key motivations behind modernizing legacy applications. Improve application performance, reliability, and scalability while reducing IT operating costs. Enhance the front-end customer/user experience and transform your business into a more responsive, efficient, and data-integrated entity.
  • Strategic Benefits of Hybrid/Multicloud Strategies: Explore the strategic advantages of hybrid and multicloud strategies, including improved operational scalability, business agility, and the ability to operate workload components in different environments. Gain insights on optimizing performance, cost, and security while meeting global and regional business requirements.
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