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Pentaho+ Platform

  • Codeless pipeline development
  • Streaming data support
  • Professional services packages available
  • Connector support for cloud, big data, streaming, and all major CRMs
  • Pixel perfect, interactive, and operational report capabilities
  • Support for containerized deployment through K8s & Docker
  • Full metadata editor Data Source Wizard
  • Integrated data modeling tools
  • Technical support options - dedicated enterprise architect, extended support available
  • Enterprise-scale load balancing & job scheduling
  • Integrated Spark execution
  • AI/ML SDK for Data Science workflows
  • Templatized data onboarding with Pentaho Metadata Injection
  • Business user data modeling with Data Source Wizard
  • Built-in support for popular authentication standards
  • Monthly release schedule for patches and updates
  • Built-in support for Advanced encryption standard (AES)

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